FTX Continues Its Ascent To The Mainstream Audience

FTX Moonblast promotion at the World Series

Four posts. Four stories about the clever genius that is FTX.

Coming from the top rope, and seemingly out of nowhere to the mainstream audience, FTX is sponsoring the World Series and using one of the best "fan" shots to do it.

Presenting, the Moonblast:

This is so much better than when Joe Buck was routinely forced to act surprised about the appearance of the cast from shows like The Mick, conveniently on at 8, 7 central on FOX, during painful cross-promotions at major sporting events. Always 8, 7 central. And always this fall.

Don't underestimate the power of brand advertising for brands the public largely doesn't know yet. Sure, we all gloss over Budweiser, but we take note when a pistachio company shows up during the Super Bowl, or Danica Patrick rubs herself against a car to promote, uh, overpriced web domains.

FTX is having its moment, introducing itself to NBA and MLB fans in a big way.

Oh wait they're doing the Super Bowl, too?

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