Anti Woke All Stars Balaji and Antonio Garcia Martinez Set To Host Callin Discussion

Balaji, hating the modern state

Get ready for a healthy dose of BIG IDEAS.

Former Facebook ad guy, author, and very former Apple employee Antonio Garcia Martinez will host a Callin discussion with Balaji on Thursday night at 9 PM PST.

For those who are unawares, AGM is the author of a popular Chaos Monkeys (very funny) book about his misadventures in Silicon Valley, mostly at Facebook. He was hired last year by Apple but promptly cancelled by overzealous employees who didn't like a throwaway joke in his book six years ago.

Balaji, for the uninitiated, is a leading Web3 thinker who routinely rails against the ills of modern society, the United State's unpreparedness for the coming decades, and the need for Network States– decentralized sovereign nations connected by, among other things, the Blockchain.

Both AGM and Balaji are fascinating thinkers with a healthy distaste for liberal elites. AGM was effectively cancelled by Apple and Balaji routing assails the woke left. It's not coincidence the two of them will appear on David Sacks Callin app.

Sacks is a venture capitalist and co-host on the All In podcast, where he plays the role of the resident right-winger who hates the cultural elite.

This anti-establishment, anti-elite ethos may come across to some as a Trump-ian fueled hysteria. But described eloquently by AGM, Balaji and Sacks it takes on some substance.

Anyway, 9 PST on Thursday. I'll be listening.

Recommended prerequisites: Balaji on Tim Ferris podcast. Buckle TF up, humanoid.

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